The story of Devin begins with the technical dreams of two young individuals. Founders Tom Li and Jack Sun were college classmates and both deeply passionate about technology. After graduation, they ventured to Shenzhen to work as mechanical engineers. In 2008, they made the decision to return to their hometown of Hefei and together established a Machining factory.

Initially, their services were relatively singular, focusing on providing customized mechanical parts to clients. With exceptional technical expertise and outstanding service quality, the company garnered a loyal clientele.

As customer demands increased, the company gradually expanded its service offerings from custom mechanical parts to encompassing fields such as design, assembly, casting, and injection molding. This transformation was aimed at better meeting the needs of clients and further solidifying their market position.

To ensure stable casting and injection molding services, the founders integrated numerous high-quality casting and injection molding factories. They subsequently acquired stakes in two of these factories in 2013 and 2016, further enhancing the company’s service capabilities and competitive advantage. Since then, the company’s service portfolio has become more comprehensive, providing customers with even more refined solutions.